About Us

About Us

General Service company is the result of the constituent members’ experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology, aka ICT, since 1990.

Thanks to a well-established network of relationships and partnerships, we are able to provide our customers the highest level of expertise. Thanks to professionalism and experience, General Service extends its scope to Systems Integration, consulting, training and marketing.

In addition to Web Applications, based on client-server architecture, General Service turns its gaze to a continuously developing market such as the Mobile Applications, with the creation of customized solutions even on iOS and Android platform.

Mission & Vision

The company’s mission is to provide professional services in the IT industry, offering customers the opportunity to have a reliable contact to solve and satisfy its needs and optimize production processes through innovative information systems and with high quality standards.

Regarding this, IT is a powerful tool, but only if combined with the expertise of those who manage to get to the real needs of the customer and act on them as better as possible.

Computerization of the workplace, implementation of customized software, company promotion on Internet, staff training on the use of computing resources and optimization of communications to/from the customer are just some of the possible solutions: we’ll do the rest together!


Our goals have always been the highest QoS (Quality of Service) and Customer Satisfaction, objectives achieved through the use of the most up-to-date solutions in local networking (LAN), system integration, development methodologies (e.g. Object Oriented), architecture (e.g. client / server) and organizational consulting.

Fundamental is our role as System Integrator, which consists in bringing together component subsystems into a whole, and ensuring that those subsystems function together in that new functional structure, that can use in synergy the individual original potential, thus creating functionality originally not present.