General Service develops mobile applications for all types of smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc …), integrating different technologies such as GPS location, payment engines (PayPal, etc…) and much more. In this way we allow professionals and companies to take advantage of new business channels, increasing the visibility of their products/services in an innovative way in order to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Among the different types of mobile apps, an online store is a reality impossible to ignore for companies and organizations that cater their products and their services to the final consumer: it is extremely easy to reach millions of users via informational apps or entertainment apps for deliver services of public utility or designed to offer users a tool of personnel management.

For businesses, we build mobile app fully integrated with the enterprise information systems, from ERP toCRM , so that the sales or technical support is always inserted into the workflow of your organization.

Our focus is, as always, a high standard of quality, with a focus on simplicity and usability of the interface, as this affects, in the case of applications for business purposes, the productivity of the staff who use them.

As an internet site within the web, even for an app inside the application stores the visibility plays a vital role in its dissemination and use by users. General Service is able to support you in this task by optimizing content for the App Store, setting up iAd or AdMob campaigns and with specifically targeted marketing actions.