Hosting is a service that consists of allocating a website on a server, making it accessible from the Internet to its users.

There is a great variety of hosting plans, depending on the type of service that you want to “accommodate” (static website, dynamic website, document repository, etc…).

A typical service, for a static website, usually includes:

  • registration or transfer of a domain name (e.g.;
  • from one to infinite e-mail addresses, associated with different mailboxes or a single one (e-mail alias);
  • spam and virus filtering;
  • a certain amount of web space;
  • appropriate tools for the management of pages, such as file manager, prototypes, FTP, access counters, etc…;
  • a proper amount of monthly bandwidth for the traffic generated by the website.

A typical service, for a dynamic website, may include, in addition to the above:

  • support to one or more scripting languages​​, such as PHP, Python or ASP;
  • support to an online database, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL;
  • statistics and traffic analysis services, such as Webalizer or AWStats.

The hosting also differs according to the type of space that is made available:

  • a dedicated server (i.e. a webserver that hosts a single website);
  • a shared server (i.e. hosting a number of sites on the same server).

The hosting also differs depending on the platform, i.e. operating system that is installed on the server: Windows or Linux.

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