From the point of view of business, a good information system must combine the efficiency and up-to-date of IT services to cost containing needs, all without losing sight of safety and maintenance of the entire architecture.

Our company is able to provide support in the installation, configuration and maintenance of individual workstations or computer networks.

General Service can provide specialists to support the implementation of projects in the following areas:
  • Microsoft: stand-alone workstations, Windows Server Active Directory-based domains, Microsoft Office suite;
  • Linux: web servers, mail servers;
  • Apple: stand-alone workstations.

In particular, specialized assistance may be provided in the following steps:

  • network infrastructure design, supply, installation and technical assistance;
  • webserver analysis, supply, installation and network infrastructure assistance;
  • upgrades, technological renewal, implementation and optimization of hardware resources, packaged and non-packaged software licensing audit;
  • architectural analysis of networks, installation, customization and activation of network products.

Interventions can be oriented to “body rental” or provision of services “ready-to-go”, with the following professional resources made ​​available to the customer:

  • senior system specialist;
  • network system expert;
  • analyst/system analyst;
  • experienced operator.